Since inception the backbone of Sentinels belief has been never ever to compromise on the most important factor viz. recruitment, after detailed verification, not just PSARA laid down norms but added to it Sentinels own internal stringent norms, headed by a battery of ex-police officials doing background checking of every person recruited.

Verification is the most important process in verifying the candidate's background information, which includes conducting criminal background checks, employment history, education qualifications, and personal references.

Recruitment allows the firm to attract and select the best candidates for the job. The individuals who meet the qualifications, skills, experience, and other requirements as set by the firm and PSARA are only recruited. This helps to ensure that the personnel are capable of providing quality Service to clients and handling any incidents and emergencies.

Once the candidate meets the recruitment criteria in terms of physical, medical, education and verification criteria he is cleared for training.

Training is crucial for security personnel to gain essential skills and knowledge needed in carrying out their duties. Training ensures that the personnel are ready to respond promptly and effectively in emergency situations, identify and assess security risks, deal with visitors and customers professionally, and enforce security procedures and policies.

At Sentinels we are proud to say that we have invested in a state-of-the-art Government authorized/licensed training center. ...


Our training program is based on our vast experience of being in this job for the last four decades, understanding what is needed at ground zero and engaging the latest security concepts and techniques. It provides our security personnel with the essential skills and knowledge required to handle any situation. This dynamic training program is tailor-made to meet the utmost standards for physical and mental strength as well as the professional capacity of security personnel.

The training program includes a detailed syllabus. The extensive training course at Sentinels security intends to develop the overall personality of the security personnel, which includes communication skills, work etiquette and mannerism, interactive skills, discipline, and responsibility. Hence, our security personnel maintain a high degree of personal and professional integrity. They are trained and motivated to operate with honesty at all times.

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Excellence is an art acquired by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, for us, is not an act but second nature. It is this excellence that is cultivated in our training and recruitment processes. It is the backbone on which the whole structure is built.

A team comprising of retired senior Army/Para-military officers looks after has the initial screening and selection. After having been satisfied with the basic educational and physical standards of the incumbent, he/she is medically examined and then screened by the Head (Recruitment). Recruits screened for their good moral character and clearing thorough background checks are always preferred. With the above background, the Sentinels recruitment and training policy have been designed to follow a filtration system at each stage of recruitment, training and selection.


Our training program is based on the latest security concepts and techniques. It provides our security Personnel with the essential skills and knowledge required to handle any challenging situation. This dynamic training program is tailor-made to meet the utmost standards for physical and mental strength as well as the professional capacity of security Personnel.

Apart from basic security and safety training, the training program includes:

  • Crowd control
  • Threatening call, bomb threat
  • Casualty evacuation
  • Self-defense
  • First aid
  • Crisis management
  • Dealing with hostage situation
  • Emergency response
  • security wing quick reaction team (QRT)
  • Remote command center monitoring
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We at Sentinels give huge importance to firefighting demonstrations in that they can help people become more aware of the dangers of fire and the proper way to use firefighting equipment and early warning systems such as smoke/heat detectors through fire control panel. Our security staff also helps people become more comfortable with using firefighting equipment in case of an event of a fire.

The expert trainers provide firefighting training to all of our security personnel as well as the site employees and workers and make them aware of the causes of fire, and explain them all types of fire that generally occurs in and around. They demonstrate and also impart practical training on various types of fire extinguishers and other equipment so that the security guards and the site employees and workers get well-versed with it.

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Classroom with modern techniques of teaching

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Traffic control managment


  • High rise building
  • Multi- client facility
  • Manufacturing / Industrial unit
  • Export oriented unit
  • Retail
  • Eatery and Hotel
  • Malls
  • Schools
  • Gated residential complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Concerts

  • Emergency evacuation and disaster management
  • Fire wardens training
  • Statutory compliance and benefits
  • Traffic management
  • Dealing with strike, bandh, dharna by employees
  • Crowd control


Exceptional training facilities exist at our institute:

  • Classroom with modern techniques of teaching
  • Simulated area for firefighting
  • Simulated model for gate management, material in and out and traffic control etc.
  • Drill and physical training ground


  • Retired senior officers from the forces of the rank of colonel or equivalent and above
  • Retired commandant of BSF / para-military forces
  • JCOs / NCOs of armed forces
  • Subordinate Officers of para-military forces such as BSF, CRPF, CISF etc

The block syllabus revolves around step by step training in phases, keeping in mind the assimilation ability of candidates. The training is broadly covered as under:

  • Physical training
  • Drill
  • Access control / gate management
  • Visitor control
  • Material control
  • Frisking policy
  • Parking and traffic management
  • Grooming, turnout and behaviour

Drill and physical training

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Firefighting demonstration with a hose line

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Access Control / Gate Management

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Crowd control - dealing with strike and dharna by employees

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